User Rating: 9.2 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC
I’m a big Marvel fan, but trust me when I say that this review is of the game and not of the idea (which by the way totally kicks candy ass). The game play has very few differences than the X-men legends series. The sad part is that you can only wear 1 item at a time. The rest is pretty much the same old (hey why change what isn’t broken): a very easy and learnable game which provides you with a lot of fun and stress relief. It’s the kind of game-play that just makes you go on and on. Best way to describe it: easy and fun. Party is still made out of four people, and special combinations will give you special bonuses. In addition “My Team” option has been added: you create your own team of heroes (at first only 4 members) and they will recieve bonuses. Your team will level up by reputation. With each new reputation level gained you will add to your team bonus. The story is quite bold in comparison to X-men Legends 1 and 2. As the X-men games could be considered episodes, Ultimate Alliance clearly tries to be a main event in the Marvel Universe having more than a couple of deaths in it, heroes and villain alike. It starts with Dr Doom invading the… well play the game and find out, I’m not about to spoil an A+ grade story. As far as sound come, the voices are great (except Baron Mordo, they could have done a lot better). Every character’s voice is perfect for his personality. If during the game you have a specific character in your team you can witness special conversations with villains or other NPCs. Music is not that great: has a few bugs :starting up when it’s not suppose to at a very high level. The graphics are not something special. There just enough to be nice for the game. Enough said So if you’re a Marvel fan PLAY THIS GAME!! If not, PLAY THIS GAME!! Kidding. This is a game that deserves your attention, and I do recommend it to anyone that wants to have fun and enjoy a lot Marvel Action.

P.S. Here's a tip from me to you: try and use all the upgrades on 1 single character. The rest of your party has low damage and high Defence no matter what. You will be the damage dealer and you will also take a lot of damage. (yes you still can switch between party members but i recomende you stick to a hero)