Captain America,Thing,Electra,Silver Surfer,Iceman,Torch,Deadpool,Spider-Man

User Rating: 8.2 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PSP
What's not to like????

After playing X-Men Legends II....I didn't think any game in the Marvel Universe could top that.Marvel:Ultimate Alliance has done just that.

The controls and combo-hits to me,was easier to manipulate in this
game than in X-Men Legends II.Most of the combo's,for example Captain America are X,0,X so those two buttons are right next to each other while still not taking away from using the analog stick without skipping a beat.

I've played briefly this game on the PS2 for some reason I think it
plays better and looks better on the handheld PSP.

I played almost four hours straight before my battery light started flashing.4.5 hours one day and 6.0 hours the following day.

Easy bonus points,special missions for your character,mini missions,art-sketch to open cool comics,etc are additional goodies on this game.

Graphics -I liked better on this than X-Men Legends II

The load times are pretty fast,which makes for better gameplay in my opinion.This is definately a game that once you get started, will have problems putting it down.

If you enjoyed X-Men Legends II this is a must have for your Marvel collection.

Especially if your a Marvel comic book fan!!!