Get 3 friends and get this game.

User Rating: 9.8 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
This game is absolutely incredible. If you are or ever were a fan of Marvel at all you have to put your life on hold for a few days and mash your way through this adventure. 4 player co-op rocks. It's easily the best 4 player co-op game on 360 and the best I've played in a long long time. All of your favorite characters are there. It's a basic button masher but the locations are cool, the characters are awesome and ther is enough diversity in the customization options to keep it interesting for a while. Everyone is different you can spend hours just testing out which char is your favorite. Smash some barrels grab some coins and power up.

Sit down, close the window shades, grab some munchies and play until your eyes bleed. You will not be dissapointed.