Good fun, and old fashioned brawler with plenty for marvel fans and fighting fans alike. Shiny graphics.

User Rating: 8.6 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
MUA is a must for true marvel fans. It has all the main marvel characters (except the hulk for some reason, maybe he's hidden), aswell as some of the more obscure ones that fans have been waiting to see in a video game (silver surfer, Dr strange, spider woman). As with the xmen legends games, the cutscenes are awesome, and with a script written by a marvel writer, you cannot really go wrong. However, if you are looking for complex in depth gameplay (like splinter cell), this is not the game for you, as the game consists of running around, bashing and killing things, and completing the odd not too taxing puzzle. But I miss this kind of game, and for that I would reccomend this highly. There is a lot to do and the designers have have an effort to spice up the gameplay with flying characters, underwater battles and diverse landscapes. The controls are also simple to pick up, and being able to swithc between four characters on screen prevents you getting bored with just one guy or gal. If you like fighting games or comic books, get this game.