This is the game a true maveral fan lives for

User Rating: 8.8 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
Though I have only played for about 3 hours ( i feel is enough time to post a review) this game is all I had hoped and more. The opening move not only looks great but it does a wonderful job of pulling the player in and getting their attention. Once the game begins the first thing that shines are the look of the hero’s and the background, which both look amazing. The detail of the hero’s is just plan spectacular . The lighting and weapon effect are simply fantastic . You begin with four heros. Caption America, wolverine, Spiderman and Thor. Each hero’s moves are the same thus making it easy to switch between each hero. Once you finish the first level you can change any one of your team members by locating a platform that allows you to enter the selection of hero. While playing the game switching is done between hero’s with the control pad. Simply put you push the pad in the direction of the hero you wish to play. Hero’s are easy to move around and their combat moves are well done . so far this is shaping to be a great game with a great look and a great feel. There are many un-lockables in this game, from comic books to 7 different hero’s. Also all the cut seens can be reviewed once seen for the first time and I love the photos of each hero you can view. Only problem I had was some clipping that occurred while playing Spiderman, his head disappeared into a wall. For me online and co-op went un-tried but I’m looking forward the most to this aspect of the game. I went online to join a game but none was to be found. I’m sure with in the next few days this will change. Anyway take my review for what it's worth and with the understanding I have only 3 hour into the game but, if the first 3 hour are a glimpse of the things to come it will be a sweet ride. Sorry for the quick review but I must get back to saving the would from the evil clutches of that madman doom.