A Must Have Game!

User Rating: 8.7 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
Ok this is my first review, but I just had to review because it lived up to the hype.

Ok the essential that make this game a must have for comic, or rpg, or fans that want to have fun.

Gameplay: 8.0 If you are Familiar with XML then you can pretty much just pick up from there. If you havent then it is only maybe a 30 minute curve to get everything down. The only new addition is the ability to charge and attack which I must say looks awesome in 1080i, which brings me to the other category of....

Graphics: 9
One of the most best-looking and polished games you will find out for the 360. Now this is no G.R.A.W. ..... But it does all of your favorite Marvel Superheros and villains justice, from the stitching in spidys suit, to the gorgeous flames emitting for The Human Torch.

Sound: 9
This is a tricky on for me because I have surround sound and every game sounds good to me but from what I can tell every swipe, slash, clash and explosion seems to be here intact and on target.

Value: 9
If you are fan of fun, comics, good story lines or multiplayer action then this game will definitely not disappoint.

Tilt: 9
This game will keep you so occupied, that you may even call in to work sick, I know I did lol.