A Marvel RPG! The Marvel Universe is greatly represented in this heroic beat'em up.

User Rating: 9 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC
Marvel knows what's great about video games with their characters in them. Each personality is unique to each hero, but they all share one focus and that is justice. They fight for the common good, and this time they're fighing Dr. Doom and all his frenemies. The voice acting is very good, although their are times you actually have to read. Their are so many items and perks and upgrades that if you keep your game going you can keep the leveled up character you love to play with so much into your new game. Trust me, I've played the game enough to have a Level 50 Deadpool and Spiderman. Every character has their own moves and abilities all according to their character bios from Marvel. I love how accurate and awesome the game is. Four Marvel characters running around beating the bad guys. Who could ask for more?