A Marvel Masterpiece!

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
The Good:
-Lengthy, Engaging, Engrossing Campagin.
-Balanced difficulty.
-Great music score.
-Epic Boss Fights (The QTE's here work rather well and gives good variety to them as opposed to just randomly mashing buttons.)
-Large roster of Marvel characters to choose from.
-Character customization may be optional, but it is ridiculously deep.
-Great variety to levels and stages.
-Animations are fluent.
-Great performance enhancements with such teams as Fantastic Four.
-Great variety of moves for each character.

The Bad:
-Some presentation gaffes here and there (some large blurry backgrounds in some places.)
-Characters tend to talk a bit too much.
-Frame rate tends to take some minor dips in some places.
-It can be tempting to mash the same button(s) when fighting enemies/bosses.