Marvel Ultimate Alliance pleases Marvel/Gaming fans

User Rating: 7 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PS2

This is a very fun and enjoyable game, the heroes personalities have been adapted from the comics quite well, the story starts weak but picks up and makes sense later on and takes you through many marvel universe locations.

There are plenty of customization options from outfits unlocks to power ups and special moves upgrades. in terms on controls commands the game is fluent and responsive, sometimes because theres too much action on the screen, theres going to be a little bit of lag, this tends to happen when there are a bunch of enemies on the screen or during boss fights, the lag is very noticeable but it happens sporadically.

The overall game visuals are good, level designs are very detailed, the environments are destructible there is a variety of them, which is always nice, and you can also pick and throw objects and weapons laying around. There’s a good amount of save spots and there are even check points in case your party gets wiped out (this doesn’t happy very often since the overall game difficulty is from easy to moderate, expect from extra and bonus missions, some of those can be hard). This game has lots of content as one may expect from a marvel games, tons of unlockables, loading screens magazine covers, extra missions...the replay value is huge.

One o the best assets this game has is the outcome at the end and how your decisions affect the ending and thus the story afterwards.

This game has some minor flaws, glitches overall, like allies sometimes falling through the floor and dying, or getting stuck at corners, and the ally IA is good or average, while on combat they perform quite well and defend perfectly, but during platforming they just get destroyed, they fall through holes in the ground, jumps and get in the traps... gladly its not that hard to revive them. Other thing is that it’s easy to lose track of action during combat since the screen is a little bit too dark and the fixed camera is set to be a little bi too far, but i think it couldn’t be any better as it is for this kind of game, the point of view is set right although it too sometimes gets totally lost and out of the screen for some reason. All these things do happen from time to time, but they are very random and infrequent it won’t spoil at all the gameplay.

I totally recommend this game for everyone, from rpg fans to action-adventure fans to casual gamers and ofcourse, Marvel Comics fans.