Dont Buy it. Dont Rent it.... You deserve to play better games for the $$ that you spend.

User Rating: 4 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PS3
I generally do a lot of research before buying a game. But I bought this one even after the poor reviews because I'm a big marvel fan. What a let down this game turned out to be.

Graphics :
Its definitely not on par with the current gen games. Its just ok, nothing more than average.
The cutscenes are of very poor quality, both from graphics and direction point of view.
MUA 1 had some superb cutscenes to show off. None of that 's here.

By now most of you have heard about the bugs: characters getting stuck, repeatedly resetting to 'auto spend' character points, enemy soldiers walking in the air. And DLCs should be coming. So optimistically speaking, we can assume that they would be fixed very soon.
BUT... the core game play cant be fixed & sadly its very poor. What's there isn't bad but its just too little 'to do'. This game plays the same as MUA 1 but all the customizations and collectible equipments form MUA 1 has been greatly and i mean GREATLY stripped down. Now its like a 'kindergarten RPG'. Even X-Men Legends 1 had more 'to do' gameplay in it than MUA 2.
This is a linear game. Atleast they could have done the level design right. Even the level design in this game is poor. Certain level have these small path patterns that are repeated through out that level. Some levels are very similar to MUA 1.

They took 3 years to make this game. I had very high hopes.
MUA 1 made big improvements over X-men Legends 2.
Shockingly MUA 2 takes several steps backwards.

I have returned my copy.
Definitely don't buy this. You can rent it if you want. But I suggest not to waste your time on this one.