Bad Roster, Bad Story, Ok Game.......Cmon guys??

User Rating: 5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PSP
I had a complete review on this game and some how Gamespot deleted it. It is interesting to know why Gamespot hates this game so much, but here is my opinion on it. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, should be called something else, maybe the Ultimate Divide should be better. After beating the first game like 5 times on my PSP, I have to say that this go round was not as good. What in the hell is a Nanite?? This Nanite thing (it was a thing not a person) was the main bad guy of the story. What Red Skull was unavailable?? It was great to see Magneto in the game as a boss though. There were many bad guys in the game, that I have never even heard of. Too many lesser known villains. Game play is still the same, but the soft story does not motivate you to complete it like MUA1. In the first game you had 5 different acts, with each act consisting of 3 to 4 levels or worlds that you had to complete. This new game only has 3 Acts and due to the story of a lame fight between Captain America & Ironman you can not build and maintain a team like in MUA1. This game is about Fusions of powers, I liked the solo Extreme powers in the first game better. The devs went away from the foundation and that is building your ultimate Marvel team. Some people may want Captain America and Ironman on the same team, but this game barely allows that combination. Exclusives??? what exclusives? Did the devs forget what that term means? PSP gamers have the same exclusives as Wii & PS2, how exclusive. The first game had real exclusives to the PSP. In closing take out the Fusions and bring back the Extremes, give a solid roster of Heroes (no villains included), create a longer more epic story using well know villains like Red Skull, Magneto, Dr Doom & Kingpin. Get all the villains in the same game!!! This game was a let down for the many reasons I listed. If their is a MUA3 I hope they make the story original and use all the greats. Right now the series is broken. Very irritated with this game.