A disappointing game

User Rating: 7 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 X360
I've played MUA 2 for exactly 20 hours now. Considering how good X-Men Legends 2 was, and the first MUA, I was expecting this to be at least to the same level but I was left disappointed.

Here are the bad points:
Character choices seemed limited. Because the game is based on the civil war story arc, some characters aren't unavailble depending on what side you pick - for about half the campaign.

The game totally froze at one point. Had to reboot the console to start again.

Only two costumes per character, one being the original and the other being the alternate costume from some story arc.

The DLC is not available anymore. It's not even 6 months and Activision had to remove the DLC for some reason which means no more new characters. In the first place, downloading characters is a bad idea. We should get the whole bunch when we buy the game! The unlockable characters come too late in the game too. Best thing to do is to cheat an unlock them from the start.

Missions are short. I got a good 35 hours from X-men legends 2 and MUA but I managed to finish this game in 10 hours per side. So in 20 hours, I was done!

Bad CG movies. Even though X-men legeds 2 is old, that seemed better than this! Even the lip movement was out of sync. Voice acting was average but there were some good ones like Wolverine, Cable and Hulk.

Ok here are the good points:
The Fusion powers was a nice addition to the game!

In game graphics has improved for sure, and was quite smooth throughout except for the odd area but that was rare.

I found the background music to be better than the original MUA.

Overall, I would never recommend this game to anyone unless they are a die hard Marvel fan. It gets boring very quickly, fortunately the game is so short that you wont die from boredom. They got the big picture right to the large part but missed out on several small points that could've made the game a lot better. In the end, this game is for the fans and fans look into those small things to give it that Wow factor. This one didnt have them. Maybe Raven Software shouldn't let Activision give so much input next time because they definitely tried to broaden the scope of the game too much.