It's not as good as the 360/PS3 build, but the Wii version of MUA2 is still an enjoyable game despite a few missteps.

User Rating: 7.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 WII
It's no secret that Wii owners are constantly getting flooded with dumbed down ports of games developed for other consoles, and the results are almost always disastrous. So when I heard MUA2 was getting that treatment despite the first game being the same as on other consoles, a small part of me died inside. Then the poor reviews started coming in...

Good thing I never really tend to trust mainstream critics.

First, let me say this isn't as good as the other version (Shouldn't be a surprise). While MUA2 on the other consoles feels like a good next step for the franchise, this version feels more like a slightly enhanced version of the last game. But how in the hell people think this is bad enough to warrant scores as low as in the 4.0-6.0 range is beyond me.

The thing I liked most about MUA2 is how it fixes the one thing I absolutely couldn't stand about the last game: I never liked having four super-heroes yet only going up against two or three thugs at a time. One of these guys alone can defeat a small army, yet it still took all their combined might to take down Thug1 and Thug2. Well no more of that, my friends. Now our heroes tend to fight much larger groups of enemies at a time and get to let loose more then they used to. The game still feels largely the same for the most part, but having more enemies is already a major improvement if you ask me.

The other big addition this time around are the Fusion Powers. Any character can perform a super move with any other character of your choosing to unleash a devastating attack that can instantly take down tons of enemies and cause plenty of collateral damage. They look cool and are very satisfying to perform. My one complaint is they don't feel as varied as they do in the other version, but these are still cool all the same.

The story is also really good. It adapts the fantastic Civil War storyline into game format, letting you pick a side and fight for your cause until it shifts focus later on. Much more memorable and immersive then that somewhat generic "Bad guys want to take over the world" plot from the first game.

The game sounds good, too. The voice acting is good and the orchestrated music does a great job of immersing you.

But of course, no Wii port is going to perfect. Or even great (With a few exceptions). This game does still have some problems, and they definitely need to be addressed.

These super-heroes have gone toe to toe with Dr.Doom, they've taken on the might of Galactus, but nothing can prepare them for their worst enemy: the camera. It almost never stays in a good position for very long. It's constantly moving about or getting hung up on something, and adjusting it is even more of a hassle. Remember how easy it was in MUA1 to move the camera? All you had to do was tilt the nunchuck and it responded beautifully. Well n-space apparently decided that was lame and thought it would be best to make you hold down the 1-button and have to lean the Wii remote on it's side before having to wait for the camera to crawl into a suitable angle.

Having it mapped to the 1-button also means you can't adjust the camera while fighting, since all the attacks are mapped to the upper buttons. (All the motion controls from last time are gone, but I don't think many people liked them much anyways) Now the nunchuck is served to activate Fusion powers, which certainly works fine but I can't see why the Fusion attacks couldn't have been mapped to the 1-button and the camera had been left untouched from the last game. It just doesn't seem very logical.

The game's other big issue is the AI. Too often I saw characters run continuously against a wall or get stuck in an endless attack pattern that refused to stop until I took control of them. Other times we'd be attacking a large group of baddies and everyone else would run off toward some other dude off screen. Fortunately, the AI problems didn't crop up enough to really make a big difference. More often then not I was simply having fun fighting endless waves of bad guys, and the enemy AI was too busy attacking me to do anything stupid. And as Deadpool says "You're just an AI guy, give up!"

Oh yeah, I should also add that there a few pointer-oriented mini-games in this version. They work well enough, but they don't really add anything either. And don't be suckered in by that NWFC logo on the box, all you can do is send your scores to friends and submit them to an online leader board.

Yet still, despite these issues, I largely enjoyed this game. I recommend it to fans of the first game who only own a Wii, but I can't recommend this over the other version. If you already have the 360 or PS3 version, I'd recommend waiting for the price to drop on this one before buying it, and even then I still think it's best to rent it first if your opinions tend to match those of mainstream reviewers.