Anyone wanna play?

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Im trying to play this game online but i cant find anybody, ive got all the dlc and im trying to finish this game on the hardest difficulty, i also would like to get the achievements for the sim missions as well, add me or message me, my gamertag is gunblade244
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i would to like to play add me killalilmane

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I'll play too guys, gamertag: primeradeus

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Hey guys - i dunno if your still playing but ive gotton really into this game lately and want to do some achievement hunting in co-op online plus id like to do the same 100% completion on the hardest difficulty and all that stuff so if any of your are still playing gimme an add. My GT is KcMaX
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add me too guys GT = CanucksFan77 also, if anyone has the DLC I'd be willing to trade for it