Marvel Nemesis has it's shortcomings but overall, I found it enjoyable and challenging.

User Rating: 7.7 | Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects PS2
I, like many others was so excited about this game and i was shattered when i saw the reviews. Anyhoo, I decided to pick it up and was pleasantly suprised.

The story mode of the game is the way you'll want to go to unlock all the characters. I didn't find the game as difficult as i thought it would be. I had no trouble finishing the story mode in about 1 day (i played it pretty heavily)

The characters are great, most of them move as you would expect and the new Imperfects have some really cool moves. My favourite character to play with would probably be Paragon or Spiderman. The Thing and Storm werent very much fun to play with i found, their missions were a chore. I've seen people complaining that when you start the game you don't get all of the characters, but this to me was an added incentive to keep playing!

The graphics in the game aren't spectacular. They get the job done but that's about it. The fights on 'The Bridge' look particulary bad. The characters are done well and look good even close up.

The sound is a bit of a weak spot in my opinion. It's pretty much the same music the whole time and that music wasen't good to start with. They really could have put in some more effort with the characters lines, i mean 'Game Over', come on how original.

- Challenging in spots
- Control a bunch of characters!
- Unlockable comics are cool
- Boss fights are always good.
- It's so addictive!

- Medi-core graphics
- Lame sound/music
- Sometimes when you want to run the character just settles with a slow stroll (!!!)

Overall I've got to say I did have a lot of fun playing the game. I perhaps wouldn't top dollar for it if i had my time again however. The game will have replay value as many fighting games do, its fun to just get on and bust someone up for a few rounds!