Good incarnation of Marvel characters throughout, although no character creation, lag jumps and not much customization.

User Rating: 7.5 | Marvel Heroes PC
I had fun playing this, and I still am, though there is some room for improvement. It really downplays the Marvel Universe with not being able to create your own hero, It would be a lot better than seeing multiple Storms running around. (which is happening right now) It is really fun, great graphics and story line. There are the occasional lag jumps and glitches but the game just came out so I'm not really lowering the score for those issues.

The main issues I have would be the amount of customization, which is sub par. Not much physical changing costumes and you have to unlock the different costumes randomly. It's hard to have an actual party for more than a few minutes as well.

The powers look and are awesome so far. I'm personally not a fan of the Diablo style camera, but hey-- that's me.

That's all I would say, I WILL definitely recommend this game for any Marvel fan though. Have a go and see how you like it, I haven't played a Marvel games in a while and this has brought my Marvel fanboy-ism back. (I've been waiting for an XML3 or MUA3 game for a LONG time).