Game Missing DLL files

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Game Missing DLL files

I downloaded the game yesterday. when i launched it said steam_api.dll was missing. I went to and downloaded it. Then it asked for nvtt.dll, zlib1.dll, libvorbisfile.dll, libvorbis.dll, libpng12.dll. I downloaded everyting from then it asked for awesomium.dll I downloaded it but when i lauch it says:
"the procedure entry point awe-webview_get_url could not be located in the dynamic link library Awesomium.dll." 

i even tried using some dll fixers but nothing worked.
can anyone please help me with this.

If your game works well then can you please try uploading the all the dll files you have .

here is a pic of what files i have

and If i miss any other file please try to upload that to. 
Thank You