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MARVEL Heroes is an MMO and an Action RPG,Free To play,developed by Gazillion Entertaiment,by a team led by David Brevik, the guy behind Diablo and Diablo II...In the game you are able to control the greatest heroes of MARVEL Comics - And Villains Sometimes - like Iron Man,Captain America,Spider Man,Wolverine, Storm,Thing,Loki, where you fight against the forces of Dr.Doom - And Surtur now! - By the most iconic places in the Marvel Universe as the Savage Lands, Asgard and Hell's Kitchen.

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Since this is an MMO,you can play with your friends -or strangers- in different game modes, quickly, with constant action, character customization,a crafting system and several others feattures...

On June 4, 2013 the game had a troubled launch,with delays,many bugs,problems,was unbalanced, with a few game modes,was very repetitive,and caused many people to abandon the game ...

But David Brevik and Gazillion Etertaiment not given up and moved on,working hard every day since then, listening to their community, and turning the game into something completely different,giving the players exactly what they wanted!

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Today, June 4, 2014, one year after the release...We have "MARVEL Heroes 2015," a kind of revival of the game that shows something different,with its own identity...Something "MARVELous"!Now we have several new game modes such as Midtown Patrol,where you wander through New York and fighting various enemies in a wave of endless villains,X-Defense,where you have to survive waves of enemies while protecting students of the X-Mansion, The SHIELD Holo-Sim,where you have several different goals - including protecting civilians from an uncontrolled Hulk - with increased dificult in each wave,a PvP mode still in Beta, we now also have "Raids" difficulty, where and 9 more players you must fight against Surtur the Fire Demon in person!

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The roster of playable characters also grows too,from 21 playable characters to 35 playable characters,including the Harald of Galactus "Silver Surfer"!!!I Also want you to look this info-graphic that shows the game revitalization: MARVEL Heroes Graphic

This amazing transformation came from a dedicated team that was willing to work really hard to make your game worthy of being played...Gazillion Entertaiment is extremely communicative,I personally never seen a company so present in their game community...You really meet the developers who give you attention and love...!!!Every week we have patches - The game is constantly polished - new heroes and content every month, every hero added, a new way of playing appears!

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So concluding ... If you played the game before and did not like what he had seen, or never even played,Try to play now, I guarantee you that you will be impressed with what you find!You play with your favorite heroes for free,now you can unlock them with a new currency called "Eternity Splinters", that drop anywhere in the game,play with your friends and have fun for hours...Even if you are a hardcore player,or just a casual one...Be a Hero in Marvel Heroes 2015...

PS.Sorry for the bad English is not my first laguage!!!

MARVEL Heroes 2015 Launch Trailer

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