Why does marvel hate games?

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I'm a huge marvel fan... a reader of Uncanny X-men (plus the current and rather epic Avengers Vs X-Men plus the the Avengers Academy issues that tie), my favorite five characters are Pixie, Hope, Nightcrawler, Iron Man and Wolverine... So you know this thread isn't here for Marvel bashing... but why can't Marvel licesence a good Marvel game. Back in the day we had Hulk ulttimate destruction and thos isometric x-men rpgs which were amazing... these days they should be making X-men/Avengers games that could stand up to inFamous or play with the freedom, customization and scale of an Elder Scrolls game (design your own hero/villain anyone?) so... what on earth has happened?

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Most recent Marvel games are based off of their movies (Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America: Super Soldier), and are rushed to make the deadline of the movie. Even the recent X-Men game, the sequel to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, was scheduled to be finished in a year, but that proved to be too short for the developers to actually make a decent game. But, time is money, so they always find a way to rush their games and make the deadline, instead of taking another year. To make a long story short, Marvel games are rushed these days. The Amazing Spider-Man seems decent though, but I still have to try it out.
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And the graphics look underwhelming, I am a graphics whore which is why I have the xbox360 & a wii for old school play. Marvel avengers 1 & 2 had better effort...looks like lazy effort not good effects that are up to par with most super hero games released now days(especially the Batman Arkham City).. Sadly I won't be buying this one
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I was a big fan of Marvel Ultimate Alliance (still one of the few games I play over and over again when I'm bored), and the Wolverine tie in movie game (though that got repetitive after a while).  Other than that nothing has really grabbed my interested.  I'm hoping Deadpool turns out to be a great game though.  


With the Avengers movie, it would have been the perfect time to release another Ultimate Alliance type game but they didn't.  I still can't really tell what this game is, if it's an RPG, or pure fighting game, there's so little publicity and information on it most likely it's going to be horrible, and with the 49.99 price tag that makes me think that's the case even more.