Nice turn-based final-fantasy-style game. Could be the best Facebook game I've seen so far, if not for one major flaw.

User Rating: 5 | Marvel: Avengers Alliance WEB
It is a futuristic New York city ridden by nasty villains. Your job as part of the Marvel team of super heroes is to bring safety back to the city.

PROS: You are going to enjoy this game if you are a fan of turn-based games like the Final fantasy series. The graphics are really amazing for a Facebook game. And the Marvel characters give the game an extra special flavor. After fights you get experience points, and as your characters advance to new levels they can train new abilities. You start with a team of 3 agents, but one of the most awesome features of the game is that you can recruit new Marvel heroes as the game progresses. Unfortunately, this is at the same time the game's worst feature....

CONS: You not only "can" recruit new Marvel heroes, but you "must" recruit to progress to some parts of the game. But in order to do so you need "Command Points". You can get those two ways: randomly after battles or by paying real dollars. Here is the big gimmick: you need so many command points, and you get them so rarely via battles, that the game basically forces you to spend money buying them. For instance, the 2nd hero you need to recruit (Daredevil) costs 48 command points or about 5 US dollars. You will soon realize that you either spend a lot of money to progress or you stop playing the game.