Heroes Union Fight Again Their Enemies

User Rating: 10 | Marvel: Avengers Alliance WEB

Heroes union fight again their enemies, from World East Side, leading by Captain America and West Side leading by Captain Britain. The gameplay is complete and easy for mature player. Make us not boring to play this game for a long time. You can find great choose who are your team there. Graphic view are good, colourful, show the real suit and character from heroes. The unique contain from this game is PvP (player versus player), you can fight with other player who has sign up to these game. Through the tournament that held by Artificial Intelligence, we can increase agent level. Unfortunately the purchase of items and research section is expensive, it need golds, as it need credit card to do that.

There was no problem when playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance, adequate connection using broadband is enough to play this game. It involve versus two side, good versus evil. Playing this game make us happy and steering our imagination. It feel like wipe out our boring time.

Another weakness is the story and speech can not understand.

The Season 1 ending is not include cinematic ending, it is better with cinematic.

The Season 2 walkthrough is difficult to complete, especially HEROIC BATTLE, it should on demand to choose hero into battle.

There are things called BLUEPRINT, but not all of those can be purchased through store. So game still developed.

So... I recommended this game to you for your entertainment purpose. Be the agent from them.