Know those cd-i Zelda games? They rock compared to this.

User Rating: 1.1 | Mario's Time Machine SNES
Before I start, I want to say that learning games can be fun and entertaining.

Too bad this game is the opposite, not fun at all to play. You will get tired of it before completing level 1. And you wont learn anything.
I'd rather go to school for real then use this rubbish.

It got one mini game, that is about as boring as possible. Sure, it is 3d. But pong was 2d and fun. Heck, I made a 3d game that looked better then this! And my game sucks! The mini game is the best part, and the mini game stinks.

The story is about as bad it can be. It is not considered canon. Heck, Mario kart got a better story then this, and Mario kart lacks a story completely.

The only reason to pay for this **** would be to destroy the cartridge.

If anybody from Nintendo reads this, please DO NOT release it on the virtual console for any price bigger then 0 points.