I wish I could use this time machine to go back in time to warn Mario about this game.

User Rating: 3.5 | Mario's Time Machine SNES
Nintendo teamed up with third party developer, The Software Toolworks to create an educational Mario series (BIG MISTAKE). They made some games like "Mario Is Missing" and "Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun" for the Super Nintendo, which both sucked and were not fun at all. I consider this the worst out of all three of them. Let me explain the story:

Bowser has created a time machine (how the hell did he do that?). He has gone back in time and stolen the world's most important artifacts. And has put them into "The Greatest Museum In History". If the items don't return to the past soon, history will never be the same. And it's up to Mario to stop Bowser, and return the items back to the past, in order to stop Bowser from completing the museum. BORING.

In the NES version, he has also kidnapped Yoshi. Mario must also rescue Yoshi. I don't see whay Mario couldn't just hatch another one. And in the beginning of the game, why is there a picture of Donkey Kong and Yoshi in the background. I don't get that.

This game is really a fill in the blanks question kind of game. But they give you nearly dozens to choose from. And it's something someone only in high school or even college can figure out. I can't believe it's ment for a five year old. There are three different endings in the game. BUT, in order to get the good ending, you need to do everything correct (I mean EVERYTHING). And even then the ending's lame.

The only reason people in '93-'94 were so excited to play is because they made it look like an original side-scrolling Nintendo game. Avoid "Mario's Time Machine".