Lets travel back in time to December 1993 when this crap was barely realesed......

User Rating: 1.3 | Mario's Time Machine SNES
Not a good game.
Its a learning game(NOBODY WANTS TO LEARN)
It sucks
2nd worst mario adventure game(the first was mario is missing)
i wonder who actually liked it.
Mindscape Sucks it almost ruined marios Reputation.
REally this is all i can say this game sucks its not fun its not interesting its boring.Theres no point in this game and a doubt a 4 year old can find the first world or even WHATEVER THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!why couldnt the have made another normal cool outstanding mario game.Why?

When i was like 1 i started playing nintendo(for real)and i yawned and felt asleep with this crappy game