Mario isn't missing in this one. At least it's bearable to some degree.

User Rating: 5 | Mario's Time Machine SNES
Mario's first edutainment adventure had him missing. In the sequel that shouldn't of been made in the first place, Mario makes a time machine and travels through history, saving people like Abe Lincoln, Julius Caesar, and Leonardo Da Vinci from the Koopalings. It's actually a decent platformer, but the quiz sections at the end of each time-traveling trip aren't very easy at all. In fact, there is no help whatsoever. You don't collect clues like in Missing. Instead, you guess. If you guess wrong, you must start the whole level over. (they are LONG, I tell ya!) There's even a surfing minigame. At the end, Bowser is captured and warped to the Jurassic, where he is promptly squashed on by a wandering Apatosaurus. That makes this game bearable. Overall, much better than its predecessor, and it's actually FUNNY!