Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem Cheats For DS

  1. Plus Mode

    In order to unlock Plus Mode, complete the regular game.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  2. Sound Test

    To access the game's sound test, complete Normal Mode. It will be accessible from the title screen in the Options menu.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  3. Construction Zone Toy Unlockables

    Successfully create and complete 99 levels in the Construction Zone Mini DK
    Collect all the trophies and M-Tokens in all levels. Mini Pauline
    Successfully create and complete 49 levels in the Construction Zone Mini Princess
    Submit a level you created to the Challenge Mode Contest. Mini Toad

    Contributed by: Mr_Big_Boss, Aldonstar 

  4. Special Areas

    In order to unlock the Special areas (under the "S" tab on the stage select screen), you need to accumulate M-Tokens found in every regular area.

    5 M-Tokens S-1
    50 M-Tokens S-10
    55 M-Tokens S-11
    60 M-Tokens S-12
    65 M-Tokens S-13
    70 M-Tokens S-14
    75 M-Tokens S-15
    80 M-Tokens S-16
    85 M-Tokens S-17
    90 M-Tokens S-18
    95 M-Tokens S-19
    10 M-Tokens S-2
    100 M-Tokens S-20
    15 M-Tokens S-3
    20 M-Tokens S-4
    25 M-Tokens S-5
    30 M-Tokens S-6
    35 M-Tokens S-7
    40 M-Tokens S-8
    45 M-Tokens S-9

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  5. Expert Levels

    Expert Levels (under the "X" tab on the stage select screen) are available after you've completed the main game. Each expert level is unlocked after acquiring 10 trophies. Trophies are acquired by beating the goal score in each level.

    10 trophies X - 1
    100 trophies X - 10
    20 trophies X - 2
    30 trophies X - 3
    40 trophies X - 4
    50 trophies X - 5
    60 trophies X - 6
    70 trophies X - 7
    80 trophies X - 8
    90 trophies X - 9

    Contributed by: Mr_Big_Boss