mario vs donkey kong is a new style.

User Rating: 7 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong GBA
'Mario vs. Donkey Kong starts off with Donkey Kong watching tv and see a ad for the new mini Mario, which is a small toy replica of Mario. DK flips and went all the mini mario's for himself. He then rushes to the toy store to pick up the mini mario's. The store is completely sold out. DK's pretty frustrated, because he really wants that toy. Across the way is the factory wear they make the toy, and is being run by the Toads. Anyway, DK breaks in and steals all the mini Mario's, then makes a run for it. But Mario himself is in the factory, sees what DK's doing, and goes after him to get the toys back. Don't worry kids, DK's not bad again. He just wanted some toys, that's all. The Gameplay pays tribute to the original Donkey Kong games. You play as Mario in a series of levels. First, you have to get a key and unlock the door. Next, you have to get a mini Mario that DK dropped. After getting six of these things, you have to spell the word toy, then guide the mini Marios to a toy chest, if you lose one of the mini mario's you wound get points for it. Then you fight Donkey Kong. The graphics are some of the best on the GBA. Characters look very vibrant. The backgrounds are some good eye candy too. In closing, if you liked the old Donkey Kong games, you should check this one out.