Guilty Pleasure, focused-attention, Indeed!

User Rating: 8 | Mario Tennis Open 3DS
I'd looooove to add a Mario Game to my Collection for my newly-bought, recently price-slashed Nintendo 3DS gaming device and my never-ending love for the Tennis genre made me choose the game title Mario Tennis Open even when there was a Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics option already out there for me! So far, I'm enjoying it and that's all that truly matters.

Fun factors for me:
1) Seeing your favorite Nintendo characters play well on the tennis court is semi-nostalgic;
2) I simply love the sport of Tennis and playing with awfully cute characters take my mind off its serious, edgy side! All in all, the "stripped-down" tennis game works simple and fine!!!

Finally, I give this game title 5 out of 5 Mario stars or simply an 8 out of 10 because despite Gamespot's poor 5.5 Overall review, I already purchased it and bottomline is, it's not what you ain't got. It's loving what you already have!