This game isn't quite the train wreck that the majority of review's have been damning it to be. This game was but...

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Tennis Open 3DS
.. a few steps from true glory! In this review I will show without bias what the the short comings of this game were and fill you in on why i remained charmed with this game even after all cups were won.
First of all I classified this game as ambitious because of all the neat things this game brought to the table for example the mini games. While I wouldn't have minded a few more from some other Nintendo games but what few they put in are classic and feel great and add a new sense of accomplishment to training because that is essentially what you are doing... learning how to control balls has never been so retro lol. Also the new use of mii characters and your ability to pimp them out in great Mario and DK universe gear is really cool without smuthering the experience with their mii funk. Here's where the game fails in my eyes.
I mentioned that this new mini game system is great but it pales in comparison to the new tennis game play! Now you have to actually set shots up for yourself. Sending a ball to your opponent too softly or too straight may not yield you a cool shot pad lol that's what I call them. These pads are a very interesting tactic that are being used to take the series in a much more intense direction. It caters to new comers and veterans alike. This game lets you know within the first few matches that if your willing to put in the time and really get to know the new system that this game can be very rewarding with its almost strategic like gamplay mechanics. Hats off to Nintendo because it works very well but this is also where the game stumbles. There is just a lack of uniqueness to the characters because they have no specialty shots of their own which is a huge bummer. Once you get into a crazy rally you instantly forget that gripe! It almost makes the game play more intense because you don't have to sit there and watch an animation take place. Mario Tennis U better implement that finisher idea into those pads! I promise anyone thinking about getting this game that there is allot to be had in this game. Once you beat the cups for singles and doubles you unlock 4 other cups with new levels so any one saying that this game lacks content is a weener. Plus when you beat all four cups with a character you unlock the ability to make that player a star player which is like maximum passing from NFL2K in that you will see a considerable difference in the action. Shots are way more powerful and the action much more fast paced because if you add a star to a player the computer ads one too so as you can imagine a four player battle really is doing battle
They are stunning and bright like anything you expect from Nintendo's plummer! Levels are vibrant and full of color in some cases using effects that look on par with the gamecube version and in some cases exceeding them. Beautiful character models teamed with clean animation will have you celebrating this game and its cast once again. Its so nice in fact that even its short comings like the shadows and the non interactive levels wont get in the way.
Fun Factor
This game will leave you wanting more each time you play it because at heart it is a great Mario Tennis. Nothing beats gathering in a room with four people and settling your differences with a couple matches which could be said about most competitive nintendo games but in the realm of tennis this game ranks with the best of em. Then adds a taste of nintendo to make one fun freakin tennis game. I hope that Nintendo addresses the online problem like they did with Mario kart 7
They couldn't be any better with smooth analog controls and a great and welcoming command system for both the buttons and the onscreen buttons. Proves once again that having that touch screen on the bottom can be so useful in a gameplay experience! This is yet another genre that can be added to this list of games enhanced.
If you own a 3DS get this game! If you love tennis games buy a 3DS and get this game! It may not be the absolute best that it could have been but it was damn close! Seeing the direction that the game is going in there hasn't been a better time to become a fan.