A good game, under the right circumstances

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Tennis Open 3DS
Mario tennis is a good game, with good visuals. 3d works well as usual, and the controls are sharp.

However the game is plagued by one horrible truth, single player is boring and short. There's absolutely no way around it at all, single player sucks. If you don't have wifi, you'll be done with the game in like 7 hours(unless you plan on collecting all the items which would be pointless unless you had wifi)

BUT, if you have wifi, it gets very fun. Fighting, well playing people online is very fun, and this is made fun by the amount of items you can unlock, which you use in the match. These items are clothing and rackets, which increase certain attributes of your character (like power, spin, etc), and with so many options you can truly create a set to fit your personal playing style, which definitely comes into play in this game. Upon beating people you get medals with their faces on it, which keeps track of the last time you met the person, this also shows you how many different people you have defeated, not that it really means anything, but it is a fun feature. And if you have friends with the game you can 2v2, whereas normally it's 1v1. All of this creates a never ending experience of fun.

So where does that leave us? If you don't have wifi, do not buy it. If you do, it would be a very good choice, because the ability to play other people can potentially be never ending fun, like mario kart 7.