Gamespot is so clueless sometimes. This game is nwhere near a 6.5 and is extremelly fun when played with others.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
I've been waiting for a mario baseball game since I first played the Wii sports baseball at launch. They have released a few baseball games for the Wii, but none that actually utilize the controls effectively(The Bigs just plain sucks anyhow...there is no content). Besides, I prefer the typical Mario style and humor for this type of game, as well as the usual slew of unlockables and gameplay modes.

The best part about this game is perhaps its complete lack of learnign curve. You have two options when it comes to playing style; using just the Wiimote or the Wiimote and Nunchuk in tandom. If you choose the former method, there are essentially 3 moves you need to learn in order to play the entire game and it doesn't much take away from your chance to win against a lot of players. If you really want to master the game and play it in more typical baseball fashion then using the Nunchuk add's some special moves and manuvers that can give you somewhat of an edge on the field. Either way the game is just plain fun to play and will gives you hours of enjoyment with friends or family.

A 6.5 to me means that your better off not playing this game, so I don't understand that score. Its not perfect, sure, but it does what is intended in its making.