A fun game all around.

User Rating: 9 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
Mario Super Sluggers is an awesome game, I bought it Wednseday and I love it. It has a 5 game modes: exhbition, challenge, mini-games, records, and toy field. The most impressive of them all is challenge, it sends you too many different locals while finding out puzzles and sends you on an adventure. Of course the real fun is playing baseball, which is all about motion controls. Swinging, pitching, and running all are immersive and i don't know what gamespot is saying when the pitching camera is annoying. Also the graphics are much better than the original especially the scene graphics. and the fields are better and more of a variety, I personally like the luigi's mansion stage. Their is over 40 cahracters to gather. When you play baseball and swing back to strengthen the pitch you sometimes swing prematuraly, also running while swinging the wii remote is tiring. The specials all the main charcters have are helpful and I love the new close play. and the new chemistry moves are amazing. The multiplayer is fun and the minigames are fun (some of them). The lack of alternate controls is ba bummer but I can't see gamespot's complaints any further than that. Mario super sluggers is an awesome game which is a must buy for those looking for an in depth baseball experience.