Another simple and just plain fun Mario sports spin off.

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
Mario super sluggers is just like every other Mario sports spin off. A shallow but surprisingly fun 1 player mode, lots of mini games, and a Huge roster of characters. Let's start from there. Including different color options, there are 71 different characters. The single player mode, or CHALLENGE mode, is short and simple, with a lot of mini puzzles and decent mini games, although they can be annoying if you don't know the controls. If you want to unlock all the characters first, just like my little good for nothing little brother, then you should try this unchallenging, short, but fun "campaign mode". It takes about 30 minutes to finish the main challenge, but if you want to collect virtually EVERYTHING in the 1 player mode like I did, it will take at from 1 to 6 hours depending on your skill level. The multiplayer is much more fun though. Did I also mention that there are three control styles? The wii mote sideways, vertically, or the wii mote with the nunchuk. The easiest for beginners is the wii mote in any direction without the nunchuk. To be honest, the graphics in this game really impressed, when compared to most other wii games. The music is still cheesy, and the umpire is pretty annoying. Overall though, this is still a really fun game, just like all the other Mario sports spin offs.