Hmm. Wanna Play Me? OH WAIT! I CAN'T!

User Rating: 6.5 | Mario Super Sluggers WII
Well Well Well. . .
What Do We Have Here?
A Game! :O OH EM GEES!

Super Mario Sluggers, (Which I'm Gonna Call SMS For The Rest Of The Review) Is A Baseball Gime That Is Very Gimmicky.
The So Called "Story" Here Is Based Around Mario And Crew Trying To Beat Bowser In Bowser's Baseball Diamond By Recruiting Other Nintendo Characters From Games Such As Yoshi's Island, Mario Sunshine, DK, And More.

This Game Isn't Revolutionary, Not Enough For Me To Say "YOU MUST BUY!", And I REALLY Wouldn't Reccomend Blowin That Money Until You've Played it.

Down Falls:
NO WI-FI (It Would Of Been Amazing If They Had That.)
Multiplayer And Be Confuzing,
Easy AI

The Ups:
Multiplayer Can Be Enjoyed By All
Easy Wiimtoe Controls Or More Challenging Nun-chuck + Wiimote Scheme.
Graphics Are . . Ok?

So, Would I Have Sprung Out And Blown 40 Bucks On This If I Rented It First? No. I Woulda Saved For A Better Game Like Mario Strikers Charged!