Mario Super Sluggers Cheats For Wii

  1. Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Baby Daisy
    Defeat DK's team Baby DK
    Baby DK
    Do the levers in Mario's Stadium to connect the bridge to let him join you Baby Luigi
    After Getting Baby Luigi, go to the field where you battle Bowser Jr.'s Team and save him Baby Mario
    Shes Hiding in a bush in Peaches Stadium Baby Peach
    In Yoshi Park, Beat Bowser Jr. Birdo
    Complete all tutorials in the practice section. Blooper
    Complete his task in Mario's Stadium Blue Noki
    Get the key and save him. He is the one trapped in the shop, in Mario's stadium Blue Pianta
    Shoot the pirahna plants in Yoshi's Ballpark Blue Shy Guy
    Solve the block puzzle in Wario City by using DK and Wario Boo
    Beat him after beating Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Bowser
    Beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Bowser Jr.
    Complete Peach's Stadium Daisy
    Beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Dry Bones
    In the DK Jungle, save him from the Hammer Brother. Funky Kong
    Help him trace his shop in Wario City Goomba
    Use Peach to get him out of the log he is hiding in at Yoshi Park Gray Shy Guy
    In Wario City, free him from the poster. Green Koopa
    Have Blue Noki in Team and Talk to him Green Noki
    Use Peach to get him out of the log he is hiding in at Yoshi Park Green Shy Guy
    Search the bush in Peach's Stadium after clearing Toadette's puzzle. Green Toad
    Unlock Him At the manhole in Yoshi's ballpark Green Yoshi
    Find the Tiny Boos in a chest in Wario City and talk to him King Boo
    King K. Rool
    In the DK Jungle, defeat King K. Rool Kritter
    Rescue him from Green Magikoopa in Yoshi Park Light blue Yoshi
    Beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Magikoopas
    Use Peach on Monty outline on Mario Stadium's beach. Monty Mole
    Use Yoshi's ground pound on one of the palm trees in Wario City Paragoomba
    Defeat The minion guarding the lighthouse in Wario City Paratroopa
    Complete Her Stadium Peach
    Find him in Peaches potted plant that isn't growing while using Peach. Petey Piranha
    Use Yoshi at Yoshi Park to ground pound the tree next to the Red Yoshi Pink Yoshi
    Have both others and talk to Him Red Noki
    In Wario City, pain the giant billboard with a paintbrush found in Yoshi Park. Red Paratroopa
    Use Yoshi in Mario Stadium to ground pound the shaking palm tree on the beach Red Pianta
    Shoot the pirahna plants in Yoshi's Ballpark Red Shy Guy
    Find his brush that he lost. Find him in Yoshi's Stadium Red Yoshi
    In the DK Jungle, defeat Bowser Jr. Tiny Kong
    He wil join you when you start Peaches stadium Toad
    Talk to her in Peach's Stadium Toadette
    Find him on top of a skyscraper in Wario City Waluigi
    Win a game at the toy field Wiggler
    Go to the Dark Blue Yoshi at Yoshi Park. Answer his questions correctly to change the tracks to let wiggler down-Toy Field Pass Wiggler
    Use D.K in Mario Stadium to bash the moving barrel Yellow Pianta
    Use Yoshi to get him out of a tree he is stuck in at Yoshi Park Yellow Yoshi

    Contributed by: HALLOWEEN_meyer, 10rn_h1d3, mario94, Bloodshot_15, TheeGamers, fireblade987, wiimaster14, mdealassfault, Zellie88 

  2. Hidden Fields

    All of these are unlocked in the challenge mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Bowser Jr. in this stadium in challenge mode Bowser Jr. Playroom
    Beat Bowser in Challenge Mode Bowser's Castle
    Buy the cruiser pass from the shop in Peach Ice Garden Daisy Cruiser
    Buy Luigi's flashlight from the shop in Mario Stadium Luigi's Mansion

    Contributed by: Riggs55 

  3. Last Movie

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Bowser twice Last Movie

    Contributed by: WiseWarrior101 

  4. Unlock Minigame Madness

    Beat all minigames on star difficulty (this cannot be played in challenge mode)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat all Minigames on Star Difficulty Minigame Madness

    Contributed by: bostonredsoxfan 

  5. Unlock Night Feature

    You are allowed to play in the day or night at all stadiums but Bowser's Stadium and Luigi's Mansion.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Bowser Jr.'s Playroom in Challenge Mode. Play at Night Feature

    Contributed by: xLuigiFan101x 

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