Very good for a casual game,not so good if you want more than that

User Rating: 7 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
At first,this game does not look like it could be a good game, because Mario and soccer together doesn't seen a good idea.
But it was.Starting with 8 captains for you to choose,each one with your vantages and disvantages(Example:Donkey Kong can shoot really strong,but it moves really slow).You can unlock more 3 captains by wining the cups.And you can use more 8 sidekicks.The only thing you can't change is the goalkeeper,that you always be Kritter.There are lots of item during the matches,like bananas,turtles shells,bombs and one item that is a special attack.Each captain has a different special attack.When you charge a kick to the maximum,you will use what I call a SuperKick.The captains SuperKick are always the same,where he shoots up to 5 balls and the keeper has to catch then.It's advantage is that you can make 5 goals in 1 shot.And each sidekick has it SuperKick,with different effects.It can burn the keeper,explode the keeper or things like that.The developers used very well the Wii Remote,combinating your movement with the buttons.But the game gets repetitive fast because you only have 3 cups to win,and if you can't play it online you will get sick of it.Even for it's purpose,the game does not look like reality.Well,if you have an hour or 2 free and want some laughs,you should play it.But if have more than that,look for Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa in your cd's.