Mario strikers charged is a great game but if it wasn't for its hard computer ai this would be almost a 10

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
I will begin this review by saying mario strikers charged has alot of good stuff to keep the game going but theres some problems here and there the plot is supposed to be about you choosing one of the characters like mario for example if you chose mario then the plot would be for you to be a legend and beat all the strikers in each of the cup the good aspects of the game are 1 alot of characters and sidekicks to choose from 2 graphics are nice and colorful 3 online mode is fun and barely lags 4 the items are fun to use and also specials the bad aspects of the game are 1 computer ai at first is easy then when you go to another cup their really hard to beat and are very cheap other than that mario strikers charged is a really great game and is worth buying this game is also worth rentiing but if the computer ai wasn't so hard this game would be close to getting a 10