You need luck for win the matches

User Rating: 6 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
Mario Strikers Charged seemed like a good game but sadly it isnt. For doing its job for entertaining kids it is ok but never compare it to a real soccer game. In this game you will use mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach and others as team captains and the less importants like Birdos, Toads, and all those as the main bulk of your team. The lizards from Donkey Kong series will be the goalkeeper. All captains have a special move that will launch more balls towards the goalkeepers, I must admit that the animations of the super attacks are cool. For get better chances for get a goal you must charge your ball... well thats what in theory it is supposed to do because you can have the ball all charged and you will not get a ball even with the characters that are good at it like Wario and the oponnent might have the ball uncharged and will get a goal when he throws the ball with even the worst characters for throw balls like Boo or Luigi. This game is more luck than skills.
Internet games are interesting but Nintendo doesnt do nothing for stop the cheaters or cheap players like using Boos and using his special abilities for evade the goalkeeper.
I wouldnt recommend this game but if you want it for have quite some time with your family it is ok, well like almost all Nintendo games.