Felt that it was very good at first! But after some time just got more and more annoyed.

User Rating: 6 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
First of. This game is too hard! Even on normal difficulty there is so much unbalance you need a great deal of luck to win! Getting to the strikers cup is a real pain. You end up wondering why you keep playing because you don't feel any joy, just anger and annoyance wanting to beat that cheating AI. (never been more angry at any game in my life)

The on line is even worse if you can believe that. Ppl who have mastered all the cheap ways to score will win EVERY TIME. Prepare to put at least 100 hours in to the game to beat those guys.

Conclusion. - Really fun at first, with all the new gimmics and special abilities, but gets boring after a few hours. Only time it is fun is playing together with a friend that is on same level as you are. My copy is going to spent the rest of its life collecting dust!