Absolute Wii Gold!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII

Mario and soccer
Two very different things, two very famous things
Mix together these two and
Youre hit in the face with a hardcore soccer game with the most famous game icons in the world replacing Becham and Ronaldo

And What a game it makes.
Hard, ambitous, funny, cool ,fun and downright enjoyable.
Great multiplayer
Long, deep single player
Also quick play
online play
New players to unlock
Wide teaming variety
interesting gameplay
Wide range of passing, shooting, lobbing, sliding, damage, fun, items

Now onto the wide single player tornament. Which is done in a classic advancing with points, knockout stages and more.
Beating people will unlock more and more and more things to do and other unlcokables

Anyway long story short this truly combines all the elements of a great football game and a great mario game, You'll find this everywhere so pick it up whenever you can