A little hard at times, but the multiplayer is as good as all the Mario sport games! Buy it!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
Mario Strikers Charged is the remake of Mario Super Strikers this time for the Wii. The funny thing is, although it is a soccor game, the word soccor is never used! I dare you to find it!

The game is pretty much like any Mario sport game, you enter tournaments, and compete for first. The multiplayer like i said in the review deck is awsome, not to mention there is Wi-Fi Multiplayer options too!

However, it can be a little hard at times, and takes a little practice to get used too, but most of the challenge is there. The power-up kicks are sleek and beautiful, not to mention insanely awsome!

You also have the selection of team captains, and some reconizable teamates. You also have a healthy supply of nice, destructive enviornments, equipped with electric fences, dust devils, and a lot of oter crazy sights.

Each character also gets their own special move on the field, such as Mushroom power ups, fireballs, and even spiked fences! Items can also be used to make winning even harder for your opponent.

Like I said, it can be a little hard, but dont let that discourage you to buy it! It is an awsome sequel, and a nice multiplayer experience!

I give Mario Strikers Charged, a 9.0/10

or as I call it, a SEMI-EPIC WIN.