@JMCDS45 specials are part of the game. Have you seen Dry Bones's? It's basically the same thing.

User Rating: 8 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
The game is a great one. The best Mario Sports game I have played. It's fast paced and action packed, just how I like it. It may not be underrated and surely not overrated. Gamespot and the gaming community gave it a great and well-deserved score. Maybe an 8.0 would have been better. I haven't played it enough so far to see its flaws. I am still in that gaming state where I first get a game and see all the good things and ignore the bad.

GOOD (So Far)
-Fast paced
-Action Packed
-Entertains both soccer and non-soccer fans
-Great for the whole family
-Great combo opportunities with well-timed hits

BAD (So Far)
-Some moves are cheap but that's part of the game (i.e. Dry Bones's Special followed up with a second hit)
-sometimes trying to switch to a certain character can be a pain
-some characters are a little unbalanced (i.e. Mole)

I have yet to touch the multiplayer so I cannot include a valid opinion on it.