It doesn't look that great at first - but the multiplayer is extraordinary.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
First of all, let me say that when I rented this game it was because there were no other games left. So I wasn't really hyped up about playing it - but after a game or two of crazy action I had changed my attitude to the game.

Story? What story? Ok, so Super Mario Strikers doesn't have much of a storyline - but Mario Sport games aren't well known for their story lines are they? The... objective... of the game in "The Road to Striker Cup" (which is what passes for the story mode) is that you are a budding captain. You get to choose three team-mates to form your team. Each captain and each team-mate has a different special ability which will be described more in...

This is where Strikers revels in - at least in multiplayer. The multiplayer is just so crazy with a friend. Not to mention that when you complete some of the challenges, you'll gain "cheats", which let you do even more zany things. So, each team-mate and captain has a special move which can easily score a goal. Now that I mention it, scoring goals isn't too hard when you get the hang of it. This means matches will have end results like 15 - 9 and the like. Balancing the team-mates and captains skills will result in a highly competitive team.

The captain, however, has a sly trick up his/her sleeve. They can use an uber move called the Megastrike. This is a game-changing ability which can easily give you up to 6 goals in a few seconds. What happens is your captain, charges up and jumps into the air. They have a special cutscene (which portrays them as demo-gods by the look of it) and then you shoot up to 6 balls at the goalie. When you are on the receiving side of the Megastrike, you get to do a mini-game which is quite fun when you get the hang of it.

The striker challenges that I mentioned earlier on are a collection of easy to extremely hard missions that you must complete. From things like only having two team-mates to having to get 7 goals in 3 minutes. They get very, very hard near the end, but the rewards are well worth it.

The Road to Striker Cup is pretty much a tournament in which you play the opposing teams and then have a 3 game series against the champion (Bowser Jr, Diddy Kong and Petey Piranha Plant). The first two cups are easy, but the last cup is extremely hard.

The graphics are quite good, but there not really extra-ordinary, but Nintendo games usually don't rely on graphics to get a game to its full potential.

The sound in the game is quite good, especially seeing as though each character has it's unique soundtrack. Also, when you score a goal and the horn blares, the horn is just enough to make your friend shout at in rage when you get a kick-ass goal.

Overall, it is a very good game. However, to get it's full potential, you really need to play the multi player. That means you need a friend, and if you don't have one of them, then you should probably rent this first.