Even though it's fun, it has some problems with this game.

User Rating: 5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
Mario Strikers Charged is a game from the 1st Mario Strikers where there are no rules of soccer, but play EXTREME!!! But the extreme doesn't last long, because this game has problem or flaws.

To start off:

You play as some characters that returned, or the characters that are new and you can pick your sidekicks you want. You can play 2, 3, or 4 players.

In the "Road to the Striker Cup", you play 3 cups: the Fire Cup, the Crystal Cup, and the Striker Cup. There is a problem with the CPU from each cup and here's why:
for Fire Cup, the CPU are easy. Crystal Cup, the CPU is hard, and for Striker Cup, THE CPU IS VERY VERY VERY HARD. So I suggest you skip the cup, but if you can handle it, go ahead.

The challenges are very tricky and hard, but it maybe just fine. You can unlock the cheats by beating it so you can use it a t Domination.

The graphics doesn't have any problem with it, so don't bother it.

If you don't feel like playing the cup or playing alone, I suggest that you play on the Nintendo Wi-Fi, this is where you can play around the world.

That's all I can explain. If your a fan of Mario Strikers and you like this game, I suggest you rent it and buy it, but if your a fan and you don't like this, then don't spend on it.