if theres an unrealistic but awesome sport game on Wii. You've met your choice.

User Rating: 8 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
With the first game more on the bench than on the big gaming playing field, Mario Strikers Charged Football came as a new game, with new capabilities but the same fun gameplay as the last.
The greatest and biggest change is the wifi connection capabilities, that are quite good, they involve a point system that is quite separating from the winner and the loser.
The super team that was so very ultimate has been scrapped and replaced by Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr and Petey Pihrana.
Also, the new soccer ball slowly lights up as you pass it giving a greater chance of scoring, also all the side players have special 'skill shots' such as toads flame shot or birdo's egg shot. These shots can stun and immobilise the goalie. Another new gameplay feature is the alteration of the mega strike, instead of the regular meter and 2 hit goal, a 3-6 shot chance and the speed can be altered depending on your timing. Then when your defending against one, you move the cursor to protect against the oncoming balls.
The challenges available and road to the striker cup are short yet enjoyable both with unlockables.
The game has many new features that better the game further than its previous installment making for a fun easily accessable game.