Confusing controls and short gameplay make this game a shortliving experience.

User Rating: 7 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
Mario Strikers Charged was released a few years after the first one, Super Mario Strikers. Although the looks and the way the game is played is different, I don't see an improvement besides online play.

Playing with the Wii remote and nunchuk can be a rather tough thing to figure out, but most people would get the hang of it. There are many buttons to remember, but the most simple control is attacking other players by flicking the remote.

Multiplayer is the best way to play this game, but teamwork must be well involved. You can also play through the cups with a buddy or by yourself. There's only a few of them but it's a very long progress. And if you lose 1 game in the elimination or 2 in the best 2 outta 3, you gotta start all the way over resulting in a waste of time (sometimes an hour or so depending on which cup you are on.

It's hard to enjoy this game if you aren't as good at it or just average. The simple GC controler controls are taken away. And the worst new feature is the striker shots. This allows up to 6 shots or so to be taken at the goal, and you gotta use your Wii remote to block them, which they can all be easily missed if you get off tempo.

The online play is pretty fun but it takes a while to get into a match now, and it is quite challenging. My friend and I were about 5-17 or something when we played online for a long time. We are both OK, but honestly this game takes a lot of cheap tricks to win.

But overall this game can be enjoyed even though it is short, and is unfortunately the full price of a Wii game, and it may be hard to decide whether it's worth it or not. But if you are a fan of the previous game there is no reason you shouldn't check it out.

Graphics: 8\10- some places look too dark

Sound: 9\10

gameplay: 7.5\10

value: 6\10

multiplayer: 8.5\10