This is one of the best Mario Sports titles I have ever played!!!!!

User Rating: 9 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII

Mario Strikers Charged Football is one of my favourite games on the Nintendo Wii. I may not be a big fan of football, but this is one of THE titles you must own and here's why.

First of all the stages. I loved the environments that most of the stages are set in whether it is inside a volcano or on a stormy island. I think that Nintendo outdid themselves with the themes of the stages. Another positive about the game is the gameplay which they heavily updated from the previous game. The items, the MegaStrikes, the specials you could pull off was all part of the fun, especially when you have multiple friends along to play with you. I also like listening to certain character's or stage themes from the game like Toad's theme, Crystal Canyon, Luigi's theme and more! the online mode is also a great feature as you can go online and battle people to earn bragging rights and the usage of leaderboards to make it look like an actual Football League.

Sadly, the game is let down by the cheap AI which means going on the Road to the Striker Cup isn't gonna be an easy task.

All i can say is if you are looking for an alternative to FIFA or you love casual games, then this is the game for you!!!