Really fun

User Rating: 7.5 | Mario Strikers Charged Football WII
This is great it smooths out all of the flaws that the original had giving the online ability and also gives more things to unlock and more reasons to play the game.
in terms of graphics overall i find them very pleasing they are engaging and they give new vivid ways to show the new maps they provide
with sound to be honest i couldn't care less unless it is really really really bad but as far as i can tell really this is high quality sound all the different people have different little voices and the shots sound realistic and cool also the music is so so so good and funky i love it it makes it so much better
in terms of value this is average value it is a good game and the price i got it for was forty five dollars used so i think it is definitely worth the money
in terms of gameplay this has some of the best game play that i have played with and i really enjoy it
one small tidbit is that the artificial intelligence tends to be really cheap like amazingly good or really amazingly easy also in the online i tend to play people who are obscenely good and i get crushed but still it is very good another thing is that despite the fact that you have new people to unlock there is nothing new about them you get petey who is identical to bowser and DK also diddy kong who is the same as peach and lastly little bowser who is the same as wario so despite the fact that you can get new people they are somewhat uninteresting and the only reason that they are any more fun to play with than their identical counterparts is special moves