Great Concept, Poorly Delievered

User Rating: 3.8 | Mario Pinball Land GBA
I bought this game with high hopes, and mabye that is why I was so disappointed with it. The game itself is great looking, the concept is fun, and even the level designs are great. Unfortuantlly these are all ruined by two things: 1. The game gets boring quickly because of the repetitivity to it. 2. (and most importantly) The save feature in this game is terrible. I am really not sure who helped design this game and suddenly piped up (pun intended) and said, "Hey, why have an easy save feature maybe even one that you could save more than one game. Instead, lets make it so you must save it before you quit or all information is lost, and make it so that that is the only save spot that can be done, people will love that!" Fire the guy, the gaem was a great idea unfortunatelly it was poorly done.