The original still remains in a league by itself, performing and inspiring better than all its other sequels! :idea:

User Rating: 10 | Mario Party N64
The only problem with the "Mario Party" video game series is that there hasn't been much done to innovate the series since the first game. Sure, they added usable items, new game spaces, new chance events, new characters, new stages, and new mini-games and stuff, but they all lack one important thing: they don't have the honest heart and soul that this game had. It was coming from a place that had never been ventured into before, and it was trying something that had never been successfully pulled off before. Making a video game based on board games, and making it fun! Nearly every single mini-game that can be played is a winner, it is easy to learn, and endlessly fun to play, especially with multiple people! The more friends, the better! Plus the stages were well designed to. There was a Jungle stage, a Birthday Cake stage, a Battlefield stage, a Pipe Maze stage, an Island stage, a Sky Castle stage, a Lava Stage, and a Space stage! The ability to which the CPU controlled opponents played was much more forgiving then in later installments, and since this game didn't suffer from sequel-itis, it didn't have to worry about being compared to the previous installments, because there weren't any! It is for this reason that this remains the best "Mario Party" game in my books, and that's why I've always enjoyed playing it! :idea: Enough said! ;)